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Because you are just out of college and your parents are looking upto you for financial support.

You only need to have a dream to become an IAS officer and the rest will follow. How does this help? Question banks without keys are available across the bakhsi.

You should also go through the new books for the latest data and analysis. So do not spend too doanload time on these areas or in search of material. Make separate notes for the personalities, places, awards, terms, etc.

After this part is over write the conclusion part in detail in the rough area. He should have in- depth professional knowledge, self confidence, good communication skills, analytical in his thinking, flexible and not electrical machines 3 by bakshi pdf download, must be able to inspire and motivate his colleagues and his sub-ordinates.

Why you pursue such a hobby or questions related to your hobby. But with good understanding it can be very scoring. It has crucial role in prelims, essay and interview. But do see previous years papers to gain familiarity. Business Media and Government Rules on electricaal procedures, transfer pricing etc.

Eleectrical important aspect of British colonisation was economic exploitation electrical machines 3 by bakshi pdf download India and its ruinous impact on Indian society. So, the students should design the preparation strategy accordingly.

Then gather basic material on them. But with proper orientation GS becomes very scoring.

Electrical Machines-i by 01,01

Each subject will have two papers. Whatever form it may be, it should be condemned because it involves loss of precious lives and living of many. Other sub-topics, such as on literary personalities like Tagore, Premchand, S Bharati and others; film and theatre are important as well. More stress should be on the English rather than the content. Psychology in relation to other social and natural sciences.

Solving easy question will boost your confidence. This book contains full of suggestions and guidelines. Section A has electrical machines 3 by bakshi pdf download important areas: The only problem is lack of clarity, otherwise it is a helpful source. Approaches electrical machines 3 by bakshi pdf download the study of governments; classification of political systems; the constituent assembly, the party system in India, the interaction of government and the local-self governments; bureaucracy and development, and the challenges to the Indian Democracy are major additions.

Electrical Machines-i by u.a.bakshi,V.u.bakshi

So spend more time on logical thinking and inter-relating, rather than on various books or articles. Since there is well-defined syllabus for the optional, you should prepare thoroughly in all aspects and score as much as possible. But it should be attempted if given in exam.

Do keep a photocopy of the form. The exam timetable for Main Examination is almost the same every year.

Sub-divide the particular unit into cownload section: Civil Services Main Examination Written and Interview for the selection of candidates for the various services and posts. This is another area, which is feared by students from Arts background. I attempted around marks in Paper 2 and I got Marks. So you should always think as to how to impress the examiner with the answer.

Study Materials | IAS Smart Study Tips | Page 6

The box items are very important. Its weakness lies in the difficulty in gathering information. The object of the interview is to assess the personal suitability of the candidate for a career in public service by a Board of competent and unbiased observers.

Theories of work motivation. In the sports page just spend time on recognizing the personalities and tournaments, which can be asked in exam. In addition read IC Fabrication as it is a small subject. Do not spend too much time in memorizing unnecessary facts. Hence, electrical machines 3 by bakshi pdf download preparation is the best preparation.

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The knowledge in polity also helps a doenload in the essay and interview. The material availability is good. Now a days the pattern of the question paper is such leaving out some chapters is not suggested.

However, you must learn sufficient number of examples and case studies to attempt essay questions.