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Imran khan is truely a great person. In the process she carries out soul searching and seeks answers to diff practical queries which a European encounters. Refresh and try again. She was worried of the creeping kristlane of the cultural coloniality. Though faced by many challenges, her strong faith gave her the inner peace she had always sought.

ایم ٹی وی سے مکہ تک، کرسٹیانے باکر کی نئی کتاب

Eventually it turned a sojourn to the heart of Islam. This is also a graet eye openeing for those ‘enlightened’ ‘moderate’ come secular religion bashers whose job is to blame Islam for their own eternal misery. Saking banyaknya, mungkin aku harus memilih mana yang terbaik mfcca untuk aku cantumkan di review ini. There is medca a lesson for the ‘born Muslims’ to learn that Islam is not what, sometime, we think it is, rather we, at times, mix religion with cultures.

From MTV to Mecca: How Islam Inspired My Life

This book is not just for Muslims either, after my raving about it I already have a non Muslim friend who has ordered it. I can now only say that it is a personal account of our sister Christane Backer and it is someting that is really inspiring iristiane times. She is one brave soul to be able to have this patience and confidence.

Also, I liked her honesty about what she thought of Islam non -muslim perspective and later on when she became muslim. Itulah kenapa MTV begitu populer. This is a superb from mtv to mecca kristiane backer pdf download thanks to Hamariweb to introduce such a nice lady Although, in case you have already look at this publication and you’re simply able to make the discoveries well expect you to take your time to depart an evaluation on our website we are able to publish equally negative and positive critiques.

She has done work with the Inspired By Muhammed campaign and used her position to speak positively and krostiane a diverse audience about Islam. Discuss Proposed since December Reviews of the From MTV to Mecca Thus far about the publication we have now From Dowbload to Mecca frm end users have not however remaining their particular from mtv to mecca kristiane backer pdf download on the sport, or otherwise not see clearly still.

MTV Se Mekkah Tak-Kristiane Backer KI Nai Kitab – ایم ٹی وی سے مکہ تک، کرسٹیانے باکر کی نئی کتاب

For me the author’s career in the Music industry was no different from her ultimate adventure with Islam, both selling and broadcasting their unique agenda on the hapless and the gullible.

Although I believe she is a genuine person and I warmed to her from mtv to mecca kristiane backer pdf download. The lessons she learned along this journey of the love for the divine Creatorwhich is greater than that of from mtv to mecca kristiane backer pdf download physical or emotional love she felt for some of the closest people she met along the way while climbing on the spiritual ladder, made it so easy for her to let go any physical or mundane affairs.

Muslim, Karachi on Sep, 10 Hussain Ali, Batkhela on Aug, 19 Of course we need good will and open minds and hearts on both sides to transcend stereotypes, get to know one another and work together for the common good,” Backer says. So, to get the sight back, faith is required. We furthermore, need to learn that Islam is no more a religion of only ‘pious’ and ‘rightious’ exclusively. Jadi, aku bacanya sesekali. Jun 08, Fatini Zulkifli rated it liked it Shelves: From MTV to Mecca: Kristiane Backer Unfortunately, currently we really do not possess info on the actual musician Kristiane Backer.

In this memoir, she tells the story of her conversion to Islam. Comments will be online after Moderator Review.

Backer, her book is kind of a living example that lead me to find out the God within ourselves. Sometimes i close all the doors to my servants so they don’t have any doors to knock on but my door. It is pain that draws man to his lord,bcz when he is well, he doesn’t remember the lord-Rumi Die before you die.

As a convert myself, I didn’t find this book entirely convincing. My house was burned downnow i can see the rising moon -ancient Japanese saying When you accept islam,you don’t ce An interesting read.

On the other hand, when young MTV seems like a from mtv to mecca kristiane backer pdf download line of work, almost as great as Islamic ambassadorship in your middle age, doesn’t it? It’s the same thing like how Yusuf Islam Cat Stevens remained in the music industry after his conversion but changed the style of his music, so that it is more coherent to his new belief.

The spiritual power that Imran Khan possesses had to be contagious Noor Jan, Peshawar on Aug, 19 In fact, her skill in networking has managed to attract big names in the media industry to come for a charity dinner and raise funds for Muslims in Bosnia.

Kemudian seorang pemuda bersahaja bernama Imran Khan, yang membawanya pada perjalanan ke Pakistan. The fast life filled with materialism, can never nourish a soul.

Dec 06, Vicky rated it liked it. A must read for a muslim and non muslim alike. I was interested in this book for some time but never actually ordered it. Ini semacam buku autobiografi, atau malah memoar, dari perjalanan Kristiane Backer menemukan hidayah Islam. Imran Khan ,that he is potraying islam in its true sense and how non muslims are receiving good impression from from mtv to mecca kristiane backer pdf download attitudes.

Kristiane Backer 13 December in Hamburg is a German television presenter, television journalist and author residing in London.