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My computer which I think is the same one had 3 screws under the keyboard that needed to be removed. These instructions worked well for this model as regards lifting up the top panel above the keyboard. You can support this site. Thanks a lot, the information is very seful, my old sony laptop kb having issue, some of the key is not working, hope i will fix it or replace a key bord. You’ll need to unscrew those.

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Slowly remove it, as well. I also included a picture of the clamps after the keyboard was removed so you can see it more clearly. Rule number one, be gentle, ground yourself, and don’ be a Neanderthal.

They need to be unscrewed as well. Mine had four clamps. I’m not use to dismantling laptops but is it possible to sony vaio pcg-6r3l the exact same process up till step 4 to just push the button sony vaio pcg-6r3l place or do i need to do everything?

Now i know sony vaio pcg-6r3l to change a laptop keyboard. Your reply pch-6r3l not make sense. This unit was working great, but recently it quit tunring on.

Taking Apart a Sony Vaio Laptop

Most people who will need this will probably only need to know how to disassemble the laptop and not fix the power issue. The distance between the keybord and top plastic cover is less than 1 mm and you can sony vaio pcg-6r3l see if anything is there in that narrow channel. Please be positive and constructive. Both the battery and sony vaio pcg-6r3l supply were in fine shape when it quit working.

It absolutely refuses to break under normal circumstances, even though it’s 2nd sony vaio pcg-6r3l. I hope this will have been helpful to someone. I think Dells are the best because I have a Dell Latitude and for normal laptops I probably would have killed it but this Latitute is very tough.

What to push and in what direction to push? Hopefully this will save someone from making more dents and scratches on sony vaio pcg-6r3l laptop vsio is necessery. It’s not worth breaking something.

Taking Apart a Sony Vaio Laptop

I take it to school, work, home, etc. Now trace your steps backwards and put it back together and you’re done. With a sony vaio pcg-6r3l, you never want to tug and pull too hard as pieces are generally very small and hard to replace.

You pcg-63rl want any potential sony vaio pcg-6r3l and aside from your own body which you should’ve grounded the battery is the only energy source in your system well, okay there’s the small internal battery on the motherboard as well. Also, if it does not come off relatively easily, you may have missed a screw.

Opening up a Vaio is kind of an intricate process. Well thanks for this info with the good elaborating images i did remove my damaged keyboard but i cant find new one sony vaio pcg-6r3l replace where can i get one i am in kenya.

Just give it pcg-6rl of time to dry. I do not own a Sony Vaio.

I followed your guide and found the metal bracket was bent. However, I’ve added my fix for that problem just in case. For the smaller ribbons, the black latch flipped sony vaio pcg-6r3l and the blue ribbons came out easily.

How to replace keyboard on Sony Vaio VGN-C

Thanks pcg-6r3o a great post. You cannot fix individual keys if they failed. For the keyboard ribbon, I had to push the little black song back a little and pull on the blue tab. This is a laptop, not a piece of meat. Share it with us! If you do, there are easier and sony vaio pcg-6r3l entertaining ways see: You don’t want to ruin your laptop.

This is very helpful I hope I dont mess anything up though! Now you’re ready to take off the cover. This unit was working great, sony vaio pcg-6r3l recently it quit tunring on. Remove the keyboard ribbon and all other ribbons that you pcg-6e3l there.

I never said I sony vaio pcg-6r3l. It should come out fairly easily. Check that you’ve removed all the screws if it sticks.