Remove this ad forever by registering! It would bug me that they weren’t the same anyway irrespective of the sound differences. A business profile Dealer listings and icon 10 posts per day 45 posts per month posts per year For multiple software listings, 30 albums per classified albums per day albums per month albums per year See more. I would check the crossover, a failed capacitor has caused that symptom for me before. I’d have thrown a shovel on the burro, hiked the mountain, mined and smelted the ore, cast the alloy, machined and lovingly handknit you a new driver for half that! Please contribute what you can to sales audiokarma. They cannot be fixed, as they are no longer made.

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So HHB’s advice to you was: By using this site, you agree to our use of cookies. Apart from hole spacing it looks like a straight swap circel the hole spacing I can fix easily.

HHB Circle 5 Active Studio Monitor With Damage Driver | eBay

Celestion Ditton 25 Studio Monitors. These are studio monitors I bought about 15 years ago and transported the other side of the world to Dircle a few years ago. Create a username and password below and an account will be created and your post entered. Already have an account?

Replacing tweeters

I have searched the forum for thread on Monitors, i found a thread on people wanting to spend a Grand, and also someone spending quid, but not realy any in my price range. I did a lot of searching and no one I talked to would even touch the speakers.


For details please read this FAQ entry. They where in my mums loft for about 5 years, went back home to retrieve them and they have cracked, so I am looking for 2 replacement drivers.

Parts Express has them and they have sales on them form time to time. It is some type of plastic. Forum Messages what’s everyone listening to tonight? How much to get one to me? Mbox 2 just stopped working.

Monitor Question [Archive] – Avid Pro Audio Community

Been there done that. I have the same problem of a cracked plastic cone – any links and info to make a viable replacement would be really appreciated We had to shave some of the cabinet hb get ours to fit.

I went for a replacement from HHB in the end. Telefunken Stopped Working – help! I’m not a fan of the KRK’s Free classifieds postings Access a forum of audio enthusiasts. May 14, 13 2: Speakers might be put in storage for a little while.

The uniquely designed crossover circuitry ensures the bass ramps down and the treble ramps up smoothly around the crossover point, creating a series of speakers that sound consistent throughout the range, and are never tiring to listen to, even during the longest, most demanding mixing session. It is completely free for hobbyists to post classifieds here. Just wantiong to find out what to get and any advice realy.

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It’s definitely the driver as I put the tweeter in the other speaker and the problem went with it.

Watch Report This Ad. I posted that on a forum discussion about Yamaha NS speakers, and someone was able to get their NS tweeters rewound.

A quick failure can either give you no output, or seriously reduced output as the partial voice coil becomes an antenna that continues to interact cicle the magnet. The speakers are still being manufactured by HHB to my knowledge, and they are identical in every spec to the originals except for color. As you have nothing to lose at this point, you can chase the voice coil leads as far back as you’re able to get access to check for an open, or bite the bullet and get a fresh driver or find a recone shop.

HHB is going to tell you that there are no replacements available and if you try and get them reconed no one will do the job. I wasn’t really too sure of the difference between that and the one I referenced. I think you should be looking at something like https: