Did the drive work properly before, or do you not remember? Welcome to the Ars OpenForum. Sun Dec 24, 6: I did find an M7. Thu Dec 07, 7:

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Dec 22, Posts: Ars Legatus Legionis et Subscriptor. Not only is the drive old, but also recording media reac gotten cheaper less quality over the years.

I did find an M7. Jan 22, Teac dv w28s v In most cases with certain drive models, a firmware upgrade can fix this type of problem, where the drive become compatible burning to certain brandname discs.

Teac DV-W28S-V DVD Writer – VideoHelp

The problem is I haven’t found any online source of it yet. For example, burning dual layer DVD’s is very spotty at best. Jun 2, Posts: I’ve read of many cases where people got their drives to work after an update. In that case, Teac dv w28s v may just have to buy a newer one.

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Dell Inspiron 1750 DVDRW Optical Drive Dv-w28s-v TEAC

If the drive has a problem teac dv w28s v MAM-A or Mitsui media, then my bet is that it’s more the drive than the media. I’m pretty sure I did not find an online community forum with them, but I w28e check that again.

Maybe check in the optical disc forums on myce.

And I have not asked yet at the more drive-specific forums like Afterdawn, Doom9, Videohelp, etc. I could be wrong, but I tesc I saw some Teac stuff there.

Thu Dec 07, 7: It’s good at burning single layer dvd5. Thu Dec 07, 4: Oct 2, Posts: I’m sure half of it depends on the teax of brandname blank DL discs, but if I can find out if the firmware has something to do with it, then that’s teac dv w28s v other half.

A would be an earlier version than M7. The Imgur site does look pretty dubious. I might contact Teac eventually. Teac’s website s have nothing either. Also, it’s important to remember if it always had this problem or just recently.


Sure, part of the problem can be the quality of the recordable disc, but if there is any chance there is a firmware update for this drive Thought I’d try asking this here at Ars Hm, very quick Google search, sites with potentially dubious downloads ahead so not hotlinked! It works, but it sucks when trying to burn dual-layer.

Thu Dec 07, 9: I’d try contacting Teac because putting the wrong teac dv w28s v could brick it.

tea I also have asked teac dv w28s v at Toms, but nothing really so far. Fri Dec 08, 4: IIRC, they had a large list of both original and hacked firmwares. Did the drive work properly before, or do you not remember?

The reason I ask is because this drive has problems writing with some DVD recordable discs.