Please check this page and locate the VIA specific driver package: The answer is NO. Taiwan [end snip] So this controller will not work correctly on w2k8r bit. Thanks for your attention about this controller and OS combination. Strange is that according to their website: For sure this thread will help other people too, that’s good it happen here and is public available. I did not give up too, but I was to busy today to focus in this direction.

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Via Vt6421 3 Port Serial ATA SATA 1 IDE PCI I/o Controller PC Hot Adapter Card

Generally the problem is not only Win x64, but all 64 bit Windows OSes, as the controller would use the same driver on 64 bit OSes for example Win7, Win8. Not clear for me if you suggest to install 32bit or 64bit version of vista drivers. Thanks for the report, yes, I checked and see. Thank you for submitting your review! I am also have configured and working in Raid Bios, 2 disks in one raid 1 array.

And unpacked today v5. Thank you for your time and for your efforts, you are doing here a very good job by creating this piece of software and offering quality support for it.

The second one disk GB and also resulted raid1 array is not displayed or monitored at all!!!


Combo IDE(1)/SATA(2) PCI Card, SoftRAID, VIA VT6421

But has no information about the “raw” communication between the controller and the software. Hopefully both hard disks will appear with their complete status. Windows Server x64 and Windows Server vt6412 supported. Please send an image – as maybe your VIA tool works differently and may display something even partial information which can help. Nevermind Submit My Request.

Via Vt 3 Port Serial ATA SATA 1 IDE PCI I/o Controller PC Hot Adapter Card | eBay

This completely matches with Hard Disk Sentinel: You are currently logged in as a guest. I’m afraid yes, this is a driver problem, not really related to Hard Disk Sentinel. And coming back to our problem, I can confirm, following your steps I have the same like you, one zeroed report for one of raid disks. Read our privacy policy. I’m trying to reproduce, examine with more details on similar configuration, similar controller and OS version, because this controller previously tested with other OSes, not Win R2 x64 you use.

These items have the same guarantees as full-price products. Also when saw viatech answer, an idea cross my mind: This is true for other RAID controllers eg.

Your time is far too valuable to be waiting on the phone, plus, who likes to get transferred only to have to explain the issue again? I tried different driver versions both the 5. I do not have any idea how vt6241 do it, yet Then I’d vf6421 give a solution or even, this conversation would never happen as it would be already fixed.


I’ll provide any news and updated versions for testing as soon as possible. Could be the one used for 64 bit OS vista, win7 or I did further testing and can confirm that things work with 32 bit Windows and drivers: Personally I did not check under Win x64, but checked all possible gt6421 under Win7x64, Win8x64 and Win10x64 I checked the driver from both 5.

Thanks for your attention about this controller and OS combination. And another question appeared too: It seems on your system the controller works differently than on others tested previously, that’s why only one hard disk detected from the configuration. For the other drive the S. Strange is that according to their website: If this problem will not be solved, I vt641 remove completely HDS from this machine.

Unfortunately VT is an legacy, end-of-life chipset and will not receive any software update anymore.